Roadmap to the future

To be able to travel in time, we have put some processes in motion towards the realisation of this world-changing project. Time travel is very possible, and this has been confirmed by experts and scientists in the field. All that is needed is to tackle some challenges and figure out ways to defeat them.

To accomplish this, we have engaged the services of a very key and experienced expert in the field, a professor. He is currently working round the clock to ensure the realisation of this project, and part of the clauses on his contract is to ensure absolute anonymity to ensure his safety. This is why we won't be disclosing his location; all we can say is that he is a professor in one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in Europe and his laboratory is in a secret location somewhere in Europe. We also need to ensure that the project doesn't put his job at risk.

While this is going on, some members of the WLC team are on an assignment to locate a secure and safe location for us to work without fear of security threats or disturbance from public. As everyone knows, this is a huge task as it is hard to hide a project of this magnitude. However, we have solved this problem halfway as we have found a potential location in the South of Portugal that fits what we need for comfort and peace, and we intend to close the deal as soon as we are able to gather enough funds.

The planned capacity of the bus is 21, consisting of Transpotimers and Specialists. At first glance, the Bus may look similar to a normal bus, but it is far from normal. From scratch, all the necessary components needed to withstand time traveling and ensure safety of everyone on board will be included in the structural design, and by the time it is done, it will have the look of a machine ready to take on the world.

A major part of our plans involve gathering enough funds for the location we have in mind, and as soon as we achieve this, we would have a place to build the bus and the professor will also have a place to work and implement all his discoveries on the bus.

This brings us once again to the eight world wonder that is wirelesscoin. The wireless coin or the WLC is the currency with which we intend to finance this project. We believe this currency could be one of the biggest and most important inventions in recent times, and indeed in history. It has the potential to activate a process whereby we can transmit messages through time, either to the future or back to the past. Hence, it becomes a crucial part of this project.

This is a project that hasn't been done before to the best of our knowledge, so we expect to have a lot of detractors, and we are ready. Question is, are you with us?