what is wlc, agama and bartedex

Wirelesscoin is an assetchain a special form of cryptocurrency with a fixed supply built in dPoW to Komodo chain. This essentially means that WirelessCoin (WLC) is an assetchain on top of Komodo.

WLC was not the first assetchain. WLC assetchain is the first coin born after komodo project launch (with its 48 official)

Then on my request James generated it to prove how easy it was to generate a new chain with komodo platform. So WLC was the first coin not foreseen at launch and also the first one to be listed on an exchange (Cryptopia).

Komodo and all the assetchains share the same wallet: Agama (previously Iguana).

Wirelesscoin is held in this Agama multiwallet (available on Win, Linux and OSX) and can run every coin compatible (most of them potentially).

The main functionality of the Agama wallet is as a gateway to the whole network of crypto currencies like Wirelesscoin.

WLC can be traded in BarterDEX a decentralised exchange and cryptocurrency market.