How to get a ticket to the bus

This is a detailed information about the structure of the bus and most things you need to know about our traveling arrangements. There will be two Time Machine buses and forty-two Transpotimer21bus tickets available, and holders of these tickets will be travelling to the future or past when the time comes. Twenty tickets will be reserved for Specialists like Doctors, Mechanics, Historians, and Army personnel to look after the rest of the crew on the expedition.

I know there is a list of people who are eager to be Transpotimers, but to be a real Transpotimer, you need to believe in this project, be active and not just wait to get on the bus without contributing anything to deserve it. Only a few people on that list will get onto the bus as you need to prove that you are dignified enough to be called a Transpotimer.

I delivered a hundred and ten million coins to the Komodo community without getting anything in return, that was one of my sacrifices; so you also will have to demonstrate that you have a skill that will be useful in our time travel.

The reason for the two buses is so that one could be used as backup if the need to rescue the first bus in the past or the future arises. Anything can happen so we need real Transpotimers, Transpotimers who contribute each day to the project and not just ones who want to be listed to travel in time without moving a finger. At the end, when the bus is built, only the best will be able to travel. Only true believers and real supporters with skills will be on the bus.

On a final note, what will the experience be like travelling? Well I wrote a book on what I believe the journey will be like. The book is called The Transpotimers, I was going to offer it for free but that was not possible, all I could do was put the minimum price of $1.92 so people can get it easily.

The Transpotimers is a story about a group of individuals who dared to believe in the impossible and achieved something phenomenal. What makes this book so unique is that I wrote it because I actually believe that nothing is impossible, and I am seeking to galvanise readers with like minds to believe that the impossible can be achieved: Time travel is possible for humankind.

below is the breakdown of how the tickets will be shared

In total, there are twenty-one tickets per bus, which makes forty-two tickets for both buses. The Transpotimer21Bus team is made up of eight members and they will all get a ticket each; that leaves us with thirty-four tickets. There will be ten specialists in each bus, each of them gets a ticket. Out of the remaining fourteen tickets, four will be for people who are true fans of this project and are already listed as Transpotimers, the selection process will hold two months before our first time travel. The ten tickets left will be shared among those with the most WLC in their wallets; this ensures that those who dump their free WLCs won't have access to the bus, while the believers will get tickets.